Tuesday, August 31, 2010

last days of summer.

summer is almost over. as in a week from today, i will be doing something schoolish!

i have been keeping up with reading blogs, but i haven't had any {good} photos to post.
sorry for the delay.
so, i just stole my mom's camera.
{thanks, mom!}
anndddd i took her photos.
{thanks, mom!}
so here's what life has been like:

the great minnesota get together!
aka the state fair!
we went without my little brother and with pookie.
or anna. whatever.
i had so much fun and i ate so much food!
french fries.
mini doughnuts.
honey sticks. {thanks anna!}
so we had lot's of fun.
oh yeah, and we got F-R-E-E shirts frommm ford!
my favorite car brand anyways. :]

lawn mowers. of course.


hippie's. :]

visiting my auntie who was in the hospital
{she's out now!!}

with sammm my cousin.

aren't we so sweet??

{just so you know, i do own more then one shirt!}
it's actually my brothers. he shares with me. :]

Monday, August 16, 2010

time don't stop for no one.

it's been quite a while since i've last posted hasn't it?
well life has been busy and this summer is going by way too fast!
i wish winter went this fast.
so lately i've been:
chilling with my best pookie {aka: anna}
and my best jessums too. {aka: jessica}
going to 4h planning meetings.
and running through sprinklers! although, it's gotten chilly here for the last couple days...
noooo! summer is NOT ending! i wont let it!
going on sister dates. with sour gummy worms!
chilling with my cousins. fun, right? hah

at my cabin!

duluth baby! emilia, anna, me

jess & anna at a bonfire!