Monday, June 7, 2010

weekend with jess

Aren't those puppies adorable? I want to take them all home!

I had the most fab weekend ever!
First off, on Friday, we went to a drive it. Shrek was okay I guess...
I had more fun chilling with my friends.
On Saturday we went to our friend, Jess's house to hang out.
{too bad it was raining.}
So we went back to my house and did a photo shoot.
{the rain stopped, thank goodness!}
We watched the movie Bewitched that night. It made me want to see the show so bad.
Sunday, we went to a local festival "good neighbor days" and I was in the parade with my brother and my dad.
So I had a pretty sweet weekend.

{P.s the puppies are Welsh Corgi's!}

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