Tuesday, December 7, 2010

december 7th, 2010

i really need to post more! i can't believe how much i've been slacking!
it's horrible, but i really haven't been taking photos with my camera.

so i guess i'll fill you in on what life has been like.
{without photos. boo.}
on friday we had our annual cookie exchange.
yay yay yay fun! seriously.
emilia & i went to tangled on saturday!
if you're questioning going, just do it! i lovedd it. a lot.
thenn later on sat, we went to the wild woods of wisconsin to find our perfect charlie brown tree.
& then on sunday my gram came over for a birthday breakfast brunch!
we had lots of good food & laughs.
& then we decorate the tree.
so. so much for a quiet weekend. haha like i would want one anyways. :]

oh yeah on thursday emilia & i hosted our first 4h meeting. success?
i think all the kids enjoyed themselves, & the game we played was hilarious.

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