Monday, December 13, 2010


i have to be honest: monday is usually not my most favorite day.
i mean, you've just had an amazing {and possibly very snowy} weekend & bam!
back to reality.
{i got this headband a while ago. & i love that it looks like a hat, but is still a headband. you can sorta see it. love it.}

but, this monday is the last monday before christmas break!

right now, i love listeningto owl city.
it makes me so happy each time i listen.
favorites: cave in, dental care, hello seattle remixxxx, saltwater room. okay, i love them all!

lace & i.
we call it burrito style! she get's really freaked out a lot. so swaddling her calms her down.

this is a very random post. hey, everyone's gotta have one once in a while, right?
yeah. :]

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