Monday, January 17, 2011


this was just taken a little bit before this christmas. my feet are in the green & dan's are the white/blue. weird!
{i'm still taller!}

now this is old! summer '09, i believe.

tally on the same horse. we went to a restaurant with her family. :]

& emily on the horse. {guess it was popular. haha}

country concert. i think that's little big town.

jessie & i in '09

jessie, emily & i. good neighbor days '09

samuel wearing a mountain lion hat. genuine. just kidding!

me a few days after i got this phone. old! '09

lacey, wearing some fake glasses. {she loves it. haha}

right now i'm trying to {slowly} download some of the photos you see here from my phone onto my computer.
my mom took my phone with her {out of town} because hers busted, so she is using mine for the time being.
but last night, we went to the verizon store to see if we could set up a contract, but alas, we didn't have time.
i was thinking, last night, i might get a new phone, so i sent all the photos from my phone to my email.

but anywho, i was looking through them all & it's funny to see such old photos.!

i can't wait until saturday!

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