Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh yes.

Sorry. No idea. It just looks cool. Haha!

I'm thinking this is supposed to say "smile man"? Not sure...

Daniel with his cinnamon roll.
Are they related? Yes. Perky & Daniel

Pappa, Uncle Bruce & Uncle Tom.

Yummy! =]

Grill's. The yummiest place to eat in the whole wide world! It can't be beat. Sorry Perkin's. {I actually haven't eaten there in probably about... 6 years?} I don't plan on eating anywhere else for breakfast ever again. So this morning I had to drag myself out of bed, take a shower and leave right after! But it was so worth it. I got a tee shirt from them last year. I wear it with pride!
I promise to blog more.
Tomorrow is the wedding!
My cousin is getting married.
So exciting.
I'll take pictures and post them soon.
I forgot to say tonight is the rehearsal dinner. That should be pretty amazing.
Maybe I'll take some pictures tonight.

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