Saturday, March 6, 2010

No swimming yet...

{I actually wasn't cold! It's not that bad out...}

Florida. In March.

You would think I would be whining about being too hot. I don't think so. I am wearing jeans and a t-shirt right now... I can't believe it! My mom said "no swimming until it's above 70 degrees."

Dear God, Please warm up the weather. I would be very glad. Love, Leah.

Well my brother just told me he was going swimming with dad... Hmmm... Heheheheh! I don't know if it will fly or not. But for now, I'll blog. I have been having some technical difficulties with my iPod. I called Apple, and got some help. So. The problem is that I have a passcode on my iPod so that a certain person won't use it if I'm gone. When I was on the car trip, I took it off so that I wouldn't have to deal with it, cause this person wasn't with.

So, I re-activated the passcode 2 days ago. I typed it in once. Then later, I wanted to check the weather so I typed in the passcode. Nope. It wouldn't work. I have no idea what happened. So, as of right now, My iPod is disabled because I tried to type in a bunch of passwords so many times. What I have to do is plug it into the computer...


The computer is at home.

Maybe this is a sign I need to spend more time with my family instead of on there?

I don't over do it or anything. I just use it a lot.

I'm sorry I keep ranting. It just feels good to tell someone about my problems. Lucky you! You get to hear it all. =]

If this all makes no sense, I don't really get the whole thing either.

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