Monday, March 15, 2010

Wedding Time!

The Church

The bridal party

Father daughter dance
A gorgeous table next to ours.
Our table..

You fill this up with the cookies of your choice.

The dining room..

Shirley Temple!

I love realty.

{Don't ask me what we were doing. Crazy.}

This weekend, Jeni {my cousin} got married. I had the most wonderful time possible. They had a photo booth, cookie bar, {jars full of every cookie you could imagine!}, and delicious food, fantastic company (you can never talk to your family too much! Plus I danced too. Ok, so I never dance. I guess it's just not really my thing. But, for this occasion, {Jeni said if she had to dance I did too!} I did.

So. The most amazing wedding I've ever been to.

Now... I want someone else to get married.


Don't worry. I'm not Emma the second. I won't go messing up peoples lives... =]

Have a marvelous week!

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