Tuesday, February 1, 2011

birthday cake:

hello out there!
life has been crazy, as always.
my birthday was on saturday, so we had two of my grandma's over & my aunt & uncle over for dinner & the baked alaska i made.
{it was my first experience & i give it an A+!}
seriously, it was beyond delish.
i also got a new phone a week ago, so that's what i've been taking my photos on.
{talk about convenient!}
so here are some of my cake making:

the beginning of my baked alaska. it took 2 days.
with the ice cream. i chose strawberry, but you can use any flavor.

with meringue. yummo. it is soo good!

now stick it in the oven for 5 minutes, & presto!
best birthday cake. ever. making it again next year for sure.
daniel says he wants it for his birthday now, too!

the next day, {sunday}, emilia, mom & i went for a snowshoe/walk in the field.

here i am in the woods. so beautiful. :]
notice theo in the background. it look like i'm poking him with our broken snowshoe pole.
it's february 1st! one month closer to spring.

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