Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Hole in 3D,Fun And Entertainment

The Hole in 3D
The Hole is a 3D a thriller / horror supernatural children, directed by Joe Dante and starring Teri Polo, Chris Massoglia and Haley Bennett and others.

Two sons, Dane (Chris Massoglia) and Lucas (Nathan Gamble), left alone in their new home by his mother, Susan (Teri Polo), who is constantly working. When exploring the basement, they found a basement door locked. Hoping it is a treasure, they opened it, and found a hole that seemingly endless depth.

With the help of their neighbor girl, Julie (Haley Bennett), they try to solve the mystery, and must face their fears because they have to do it. Fear Dane is on his father (who may also be a pit owner), Lucas is a clown fear, whereas fear is the death of his friend Julie, who fell from a roller coaster when Julie did not save her. If you want to know more about the story make sure you watch this film at the cinema and your favorite dvd ok.

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