Saturday, January 9, 2010

4-H Bowling

Last Thursday, we had our annual 4-H bowling. Since I've already told you how much I love this group, I don't need to say that it was a blast. It was a bit confusing, because we had two time limits, for a hour or a hour and a half. Other than that it was quite simple. It gave me time to talk to my friends and have a marvelous time. I actually had the same group on my lane as last year! On the second game we got silly and tried many different ways of bowling, such as covering up our eyes with a hat while throwing the ball (That's how I got a strike!) and pushing it with our feet. It's too bad all my days couldn't be as fun as going bowling and going to friends houses, but I suppose, it wouldn't be as special that way.

Jessie pushing the ball with her hands

Kristin with her eyes covered up!

Anna and I

Becca wasn't on our team but I wanted to get some other photos of our group

~Leah Marie

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