Thursday, January 14, 2010

Places to Go, People to See

Yes, all these places, are the places I'd love to be. I've been to them all except Paris and Colorado. I'd love to go back. I'm more of a home body, but I certainly love to travel! I always got so excited whenever we go on a trip. Home is special when you get back too. I love to dream... Happy Thursday!

Colorado. Our dear friends moved here a few years ago. What better reason to go?

Michigan. Camping! Every summer.

Maine. L.L. Bean makes me jealous.

Paris... What more is there to say?

Texas! I love it. (the southern drawls are so cute!)

Florida. OK. Maybe I'll move here someday.

~ Leah

P.S. I had an amazing date with my sis today. Other then the orthodontist appointment, we had an awesome day just the two of us! :)

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