Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Little Pooch

At Daniel's suggestion, I am going to write about my little baby. Yes, that is what we call her. My little Yorkshire Terrier is a sweetie... When she wants to be. ;) But of course, since the moment we set eyes on her, we knew she was "it". On a rainy, May day we drove to Iowa and picked her up. They gave her a bath, and when they brought her in, she was wrapped up a towel, and shivering like crazy. (Which she does whenever she's cold, excited, scared, or just sitting there...) But, I think that the females in this home are the only ones who like her... According to my father, she is not a "real" dog. I think 4 pounds is too small for him. No, she isn't perfect, because she does sometimes not hold it, and she has -ah- up-chucked in the house. Theodore traumatizes her and they don't really get along. I think they like to fight! Here are some photos I have:

Sleepin' like a babe

Playing with Mr. Moo

Me an Lace. She got a hair cut!

Ok, yes, she is wearing doll clothes... :)

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