Friday, January 29, 2010

What a Wonderful Day!

Today is my birthday. I kinda wish that would've let me off the hook for school. Sadly, it didn't. I received lots of nice presents. My daddy told me he's going to take me out to lunch somewhere and I'm excited about that. I was wrong about knowing all my gifts. I should've known my mom had something up her sleeve! We're not going skiing, as it's very cold. I hope we can go skating. That would be really fun! I haven't gone this whole winter. We don't really have a pond as of right now. All the cattails took it over. I hope by next winter there will be water in there.

Stationary from Emily.

My Sweater! I picked it out so I was really excited! :)

Beautiful Doodles! This is so cute.

A heart bracelet. I love it! (just in time for valentines day too!)

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