Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm dreaming of Florida

Well, I suppose all the credit for the layout of my blog should go to my sister, Emily Anne. Last night while we were watching ''Little House on the Prairie'', she re-did it. I was not even watching her do it! She knew my favorite color I guess. (Which is orange) I really like it. For a change of subject, I want to go to Florida. For the last two years in spring, we went to Fl, for a month. Can I say that it was completely amazing??? Well, it certainly was! We have some family down there so it was fun to visit my cousins who I don't remember seeing before two years ago. Plus, my aunt, takes us to all the places tourists don't go as much. We're talking (at least my parents are) about going down again this spring. But we would need to find a condo first! That's the issue. Oh, I hope we can! Just going outside on a day like this makes you wish even more. It's only 10 degrees out right now...

Me, Dan & Emily at Disney World

Here is my cousin, Emily & Daniel.

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